Folio - Domain Financier

Financial sector

In the financial sector, your Folio Median multichannel tools allow you to better communicate with your clients.

Why use multichannel tools in the financial sector?

Communication is a huge challenge. The financial sector is no exception to this reality. More than ever, it must remain at the cutting edge of best practices because competition is fierce and clients move from one company to another.

Our services translate into concrete results and benefits for you. Folio Median’s technology tools can help you solve your client retention problems, but also maximize your employees’ time efficiency, allowing them to do more in less time.

Our different tools, offered à la carte, are designed to make your life easier and, above all, to make your operations more profitable!

  • Promote exchanges with members and individual follow-ups

  • Improve normal response time (NRT) during moments of truth

  • Plan appointments and confirm dates

  • Reach young clients more effectively

  • Exchange information efficiently

  • Respond quickly to questions

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Save hours per employee, per week, while limiting the possibility of errors

  • Communicate more clearly and consistently, building trust and credibility