Multichannel communication solutions

for optimal results!

FolioEmail messaging

allows you to send relevant, pre-programmed messages to your contacts.


Maximize your exchanges

Email is an essential tool in your daily life. Use it to send privileged information to your subscriber base.

Let our FolioEmail tool allow you to communicate effectively with your clients.

  • Newsletters

  • Promotions

  • Messages of interest

  • Surveys


FolioSocial, the social media solution,

allows you to stay connected 24/7.


Stay on top of things, at all times

Staying authentic, dedicated and responsive to your clients on social media is a considerable feat. With our monitoring tool, you can easily transform the data collected to better respond to requests.

Seize the opportunity

Social media is fast-paced and things can heat up in seconds. Stay connected even when you’re unplugged.

Let FolioSocial take the work out of social media:

  • Quickly reply to dissatisfactions

  • Detect issues as they happen

  • Detect issues as they happen

  • Gather relevant feedback

  • Analyze all media platform

USE FOLIOSociaL today!

FolioVoice messaging

allows you to send information vocally.


Take a more human approach

Some public service announcements are best sent by voice message. Reach everyone on a list, whether it is clients, residents or employees, in a more personalized way.

Let our FolioVoice messaging channel allow you to make:

  • Mobilization calls

  • Public service announcements


FolioText messaging

is a multifaceted channel
that makes your life easier.


Be more proactive than reactive

By automating the repetitive tasks that take up a large part of your day, you can use your time where it really matters.

Your data is your leverage

Be able to satisfy your best clients by using the most relevant data at the right time. FolioText contains 5 powerful tools : Automate, Barometer, Target, Broadcast and Appointment.

Let these solutions lighten your load:

  • Satisfaction follow-up

  • Basic conversations

  • Automated messages

  • Data collections

  • WhatsApp
use FolioText today!

The 5 FolioText solutions


allows you to schedule simple tasks to keep your clients happy.

Put your energy where it’s needed.

Some basic functions, often ones that are repetitive, take up a lot of your time. Automate them and free up your schedule to be more present with your clients.

Be more efficient

Work smarter. Use your data to create automated orders that your clients can easily follow.

Let our Automate tool help you get more out of your time with text messaging

  • Order confirmations
  • Updates
  • Reminders
  • Approvals
  • Payment requests
  • Feedback

allows you to organize everything related to scheduling.

Scheduling appointments is a painstaking process.

With Appointment, organizing appointments is much easier. No more headaches, the function takes care of all steps, from booking to confirmation. This frees up your resources to focus on providing optimal service to your clients on site.

Everyone wins!

Let our Appointment tool help you better orchestrate the appointment process through text messaging.

  • Reservations
  • Confirmations
  • Cancellations
  • Follow-up
  • Payments

allows you to capture
your clients’ satisfaction.

What do they think of your services?

Collect clear, real and spontaneous answers each time your clients visit you.

Collect and analyze

The comments collected in real time give an immediate and concrete picture of your clients’ perception, which ensures quick feedback based on the reactions received.

Let our Barometer tool help you evolve as a company by allowing you to constantly take the pulse of the situation through text messaging.

  • Satisfaction
  • Proactive research
  • Feedback

allows you to send data quickly.

No sooner done than received!

Waiting for results or information doesn’t always require a complete process or framework. Now there’s a way to shorten the process and get the data to the right people faster.

Let our Broadcast tool put an end to the wait and allow you to send expected information faster through text messaging or email.

  • Order confirmation
  • Data transmission
  • Results
  • Approvals
  • Information reports
  • Statements

allows you to test the waters
and get it right.

Keep up with your clients’ needs

Texting is an effective way to get the pulse of your clients: Small in-house surveys, consumer habits, preferences, targeting campaign, promotions, etc.

Address the right people

Since your clientele is varied, it is easier than ever to reach each group in a more targeted manner.

Gather your data to better build adapted campaigns

Make the information your clients give you resonate. Tailor your communications based on your clients’ interests and recent purchases (new products, seasonal discounts, etc.).

Let our Target tool help you maximize your impact and get real results on your business revenues through text messaging.

  • Product launches
  • Flash promotions
  • Surveys