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Real estate

In the real estate sector, your technology solution can save you a crazy amount of time!

What are the advantages of text messaging for the real estate sector?

In order to stand out from the competition, real estate has to keep up with the times, and for that, what better way than through digitization to give a real estate agency a new lease on life? Using text messaging tools, it will be able to better understand the needs and expectations of buyers, sellers or tenants.

Real estate text messaging is the ideal communication channel to improve your image and make yourself known, but also to communicate more easily with your clients in order to retain them. You can:

  • Quickly and efficiently inform your clients of a new property for sale or rent, thanks to a reading rate of 97%.

  • Request registration on the broker’s website via text messaging.

  • Focus the attention of your clients when sending new listings, open houses, etc., thanks to the 60% recall rate of a text message, a percentage that demonstrates the interest in this communication channel.

  • Follow-up with the “APPOINTMENT” tool, which ensures that you never miss a visit. By linking your calendar to our online platform, you automate the appointment reminder function that will inform your buyers.

  • Immediately register a client to the platform following their text message for a better visibility of new properties for sale.

  • Remind tenants of unpaid rent, a significant time saver that allows your brokers to focus on selling and renting properties.

Reach your clients more effectively!

In other words, build client loyalty, send them text messages about properties that might interest them and about agency events, send greetings for the New Year or for birthdays, remind them of appointments, and more.

These are all small gestures that clients will appreciate, because they will feel well advised and followed.

Our different tools, offered à la carte, are designed to make your life easier and, above all, to make your operations more profitable!