Folio Municipalités


In the Municipal sector, your smart tools
can help you better reach the population.

Why use the Omnichannel platform for municipalities?


A municipality needs to communicate imminent work that modifies traffic, parking ban notices, snow removal notices, water or power cuts, schedule changes (definitive or temporary), meeting announcements, reminders of the deadline for registering on electoral lists, the arrival of a document at the town hall secretariat (for example, an identity card) or to send programs or documents. All this is greatly facilitated with the help of the FolioVoice, FolioBroadcast, and even FolioTarget tools.


Sending data is simplified


A text message can be a bridge to information that cannot be contained in the 160 characters of a text message, such as the calendar of festivals, activities, cultural events, sports events, etc. The short link (URL, website, PDF file) directs the recipient via their cell phone to a specific page of the city’s website, Facebook page, blog, etc.

Conduct a survey


FolioTarget allows you to conduct short surveys, an ideal means of communication to get answers very quickly.


Improve communication online and to everyone


Save time by opting for a mass mailing to residents or the entire municipal team regarding information on the next meeting or the next municipal council.


Text message alerts


When the safety of residents can no longer be ensured due to bad weather, a health, technical or terrorist risk, it is important to be able to count on a communication channel that is quick to set up and whose efficiency you can be sure of without losing time.


Our different tools, offered à la carte, are designed to make your life easier and especially, to better reach your residents.