SMS platform with Folio Median

Folio Median allows businesses to communicate with their clients via text message (texts or SMS messages).

Text messaging is the best way to stay in constant contact with your clients, your potential partners and even your team members. SMS alerts may be planned ahead or can also be sent out quickly when an unexpected situation occurs.

Users may as well send a key-word SMS to receive an automated response. Your users therefore have an instant response to a question that is a concern for them.

Our functionality

Our platform allows you to activate YOUR commercial phone number. Text messages come from the same phone number that your customers already use.


Management Autonomy
Personalized messages
URL transmission, videos, images and texts Receive text messages through your commercial number
Using keywords with auto-answers


Organizing contests
Organization/planning of your appointments Sending surveys
Information alert


Avoid duplication of data
Transmission of your data to the Folio Texto database and vice versa
Data collected through your website

Advertising campaigns


SMS alerts

Tracking control

Upcoming corporate events

Sending surveys

Receiving text messages through your sales number

Use of keywords with auto-responses


With the help of your web management system, you can access quickly and in real time to data.

The platform also allows you to set up different tailor-made access levels for administrators/users, according to different levels and tasks the need to accomplish.

A secure and stable system

Our platform has proven itself time and time. It has passed several reliability and security tests.

A few of our current clients: Ad Hoc recherches, Aéroport de Montréal, Bell, Cogeco, Desjardins, Gyms ProForm, Ponts Jacques-Cartier-Champlain, RAMQ, Rio Tinto, RTC, SOM sondages, Sun Life, Ville de Québec, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Société de transport de Sherbrooke (STS), Société de transports de Trois-Rivières (STTR), Société de transports du Saguenay (STS), etc.


We sell the platform on a monthly basis. You pay only by phone number and by user.

Folio Median, Folio texto distributor, is one of the few companies capable of allowing you to send text campaigns from your business number. Customers can send texts to the company’s usual telephone number as well as calling.

You receive training when activating your system. You are entitled to one hour of free consultation each month and have access to technical support from your webmaster. Find out which packages are available and best suited to your business environment.

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Folio Median is the ultimate addition to your marketing mix.