Three tech solutions on one platform
saving you time day in and day out.


Automates repetitive tasks
and frees up your schedule.


Allows you to send programmed, informative messages to your contacts


Humanize contact with your clients using a personalized voice approach.

Omnichannel solutions

that adapt to your area of expertise.

Folio Median’s Integrated solutions

contribute to the success of local organizations

Folio Median is a fantastic platform
with a multitude of features that gives you
full control over all your communications.

Folio Médian - Solutions

Solutions that make an impact

on your daily life!

Folio Médian - Solutions mobiles

Entrust your repetitive tasks to Folio Median: Confirmations, updates, reminders, approvals, results, satisfaction rates, follow-ups, etc.

All this at your fingertips.