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For every organization,
your multichannel solution
has a direct impact on your efficiency and your bottom line.

Why use multichannel tools in your business?


Companies that trust Folio Median get real results every day.

  • Improved team performance

  • A reduction in the number of missed appointments

  • More efficient allocation of resources

  • Reduced call volume

Put your time where it really counts


Significantly reduce the time your employees spend on reminders and phone follow-ups. With the “APPOINTMENT” tool, take advantage of a global overview of confirmed, cancelled and missed appointments through a dynamic dashboard. You will notice a significant reduction in confusion and the risk of errors.

  • Simplify appointment scheduling, training planning and follow-ups

  • Associate appointment reference numbers from any external system with your clients in the Folio Median platform and leverage the power of our appointment reminder solution to better reach your clients

Companies that rely on Folio Median get real results every day.

  • Optimal system integrations

  • Automatic synchronization of your client data between your IT tools and Folio Median

  • Unified view of each client

  • Simple and user-friendly management

  • Create multiple accounts, assign roles and monitor all communications

  • Centralize your data on Folio Median’s multichannel communication platform to improve client interactions

  • Improve the reach of your targeted campaigns

  • Quickly associate an uploaded list with your client database, form groups and send relevant offers and time-sensitive information to your clients via text message

Our different tools, offered à la carte, are designed to make your life easier and, above all, to make your operations more profitable!