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In the retail sector, your omnichannel solutions allow you to offer a highly personalized service.

Why use multichannel tools in the retail sector?


The cell phone is an accessory that goes everywhere with its owners, whatever their activity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This means that your client base can be reached at any time of the day.

Generally considered as non-intrusive, text messaging is ideal to inform without imposing. The recipient will read the information at their own pace, when they choose, even if many studies show that a text message is read within 3 minutes of being received.

  • 92% of the population owns a cell phone

  • 100%: Text messaging deliverability rate

  • 58%: Conversion rate following the sending of an advertising text message on a smart phone

  • 48% of people say they are interested in text messages that include discounts, invitations, loyalty gifts, etc.

  • 73.5% of people inquire about in-store offers via their cell phone

Reach your clients more effectively!

Build client loyalty with the “TARGET” solution. Prepare personalized campaigns. Send information to your clients about goods that might interest them: Seasonal discounts, new products, surprise discounts, select club, etc.

These are all small gestures that clients will appreciate and for which they will feel privileged.

Conduct a survey

The “TARGET” tool also allows you to conduct short surveys on preferences, products, etc. An ideal communication tool to get answers very quickly.

Collect and analyze

Use the “TARGET” tool to better understand your clients’ needs. The comments collected in real time give an immediate and concrete vision of your clients’ perception, which ensures quick feedback according to the ambient barometer.

Our different tools, offered à la carte, are designed to make your life easier and, above all, to maximize your sales!