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Human resources

In the Human resources sector, your multiplatform tools can help you better communicate with your employees.

Why use the Omnichannel human resources platform?


The job market is changing rapidly. The number of remote or telecommuting employees is on the rise, forcing companies to change their model to adapt to the new reality of decentralized work.

With turnover rates also on the rise, reaching potential candidates quickly to fill vacancies and increase employee engagement has never been more important.

Folio Median’s technology tools can help you solve your most pressing HR issues.

Stay on top of things

Human resources need the right tools to keep up with staffing requirements.

Our different tools, offered à la carte, are designed to make your day-to-day life easier and save your energy so you can focus on what really matters: Your human resources.

  • Communicate quickly with your front-line employees who do not have access to email

  • Share emergency notifications

  • Manage shifts

  • Promote employee engagement and retention

  • Communicate with employees remotely or without a fixed workstation

  • Deliver messages quickly

  • Monitor employee satisfaction

  • Get feedback

  • Send reminders and appointment invitations

  • Send targeted job offers and schedule interviews