Our text platform, a powerful, avant-garde tool!

Folio Median is a leader in innovative communication solutions in North America. It offers an online management tool, easy to use and to program it’s own advertising campaigns, surveys, SMS alerts, invitations, etc.

Folio Median is also the only platform that gives you the option to activate text options using a business number. This allows customers to call or text the same business number. This communication channel has a 98% level of readership, compared to low levels of readership among traditional electronic communication channels.


  • Text messaging in Canada and Québec is protected by anti-spam legislation.
  • Folio Median has a proven track record and has passed several reliability and security tests
  • Folio Median meets very high standards for security and privacy
  • Pay the right price – Pay only by phone number and not by user
  • Folio Median owns the rights to send mass texts in partnership with major Canadian mobile providers such as Bell, Telus, Rogers, Vidéotron and its subsidiaries.
  • The data of your CRM can be automatically transmitted to the Folio Texto database and vice-versa, which avoids the duplication of the data.
  • We can also link our text message preparation tools with the software you already use in your company.
  • Customize your messages according to the target customers
  • Go from 20% read rate for a newsletter-style campaign to 98% read rate for text messaging