Folio Texto in brief

Text platform with Folio Texto

FOLIO TEXTO allows businesses to communicate with their clients via text message (texts or SMS messages).

What kind of texts?
Advertising campaigns, surveys, alerts, meeting confirmations and much more: FOLIO TEXTO is the ultimate add-on to your marketing mix.

Up to 98% level of readership!
A newsletter campaign can achieve a 20% level of readership. A text campaign can reach 98%!
Folio Median et Folio Texto Folio Median et Folio Texto
20 % 98 %

An opportunity not to be missed

Less than 2% of Canadian companies use text messaging platforms, compared to 70% of European companies.
Text messaging is now the most popular communication channel across all activity sectors.

Use your current business number

You can use your current business number.
Folio Median, FOLIO TEXTO distributor, is one of the few companies capable of allowing you to send text campaigns from your business number.

Customers can send texts to the company’s usual telephone number as well as calling.

Advantages and possibilities

Sell, plan, roll out surveys, etc.
FOLIO TEXTO offers clients an online management tool.
This tool allows you to program your text message campaigns to your contacts. Use FOLIO TEXTO to:

  • Send adverts and newsletters to your customers,
  • Organize contests and gather reusable data,
  • Send customer satisfaction surveys to customers,
  • Send out alerts,
  • Arrange and confirm meetings,
  • Collect donations during events and fundraisers,
  • Customize your messages according to the target customers,
  • Send website links, videos, images and text,

  • Receive texts on your business number,
  • Reduce service calls thanks to the use of key words and automatic replies.
  • Benefit from a high level of autonomy thanks to our secure web management.

Enjoy benefits straightaway

Canadians mainly use text messaging for personal messages. This opens up a world of opportunity for you!
Canadians primarily send personal text messages to their partners, children and friends.

Businesses that take the lead with this technology will benefit from this personal relationshipfor some time if their messages remain relevant and they meet the expectations of the target audiences.

Text messages are read faster than any other message!

  • An average text inbox is checked 150 times a day..
  • Most people read a text message less than a minute after receiving it.
  • Your texts can be read quickly, due to the 160-character limit (a little longer than a tweet).
  • This highly interactive system is especially useful when you request a simple response.
  • Text messaging is currently one of the most popular communication methods worldwide.

Optimize your data

  • Information in your current CRM[1] can be automatically transferred to your FOLIO TEXTO database, and vice versa. This ensures you won’t end up with duplicate data.
  • A « create an alert » button on your website allows you to gather data. Internet users can choose subjects that interest them and use their mobile phone number to sign up for text alerts.
  • It’s easy, quick and efficient!


This technology has proven itself time and time again!

It’s reliable and secure.

  • The FOLIO TEXTO platform has passed several reliability and security tests.
  • Our aim is to never compromise your data and ensure its stability.
  • Aéroport de Montréal, Desjardins and Bell are just a few of our clients who have tested the reliability of our platform.


  • Folio Median owns the rights to send mass texts in partnership with major Canadian mobile providers: Bell, Telus, Rogers, Vidéotron and its subsidiaries.
  • Folio Median ensures that your data is protected at all times and remains confidential.