Text Messaging (for businesses)

Text messaging is the best way to stay in constant contact with your clients, your potential partners and even your team members.

Send an SMS for order tracking, a special message, business hours modification announcement, a reminder for a Holiday, an appointment confirmation, your next corporate happenings, anything that will help simplify everyone’s workload!

The constant contact created by text messages allows to be informed in real-time of any situation, any question or of any possible business processes improvement opportunity. The connection thus created with your clients and partners is solid, simple and efficient.

You may also reach, via a simple text message, your targets for a survey: in only a few words, you will have an idea of the quality of your service and the perception that your clients have of your business. You only need a few seconds and you will have all the answers! Your response time is instant and you use the most simple, direct and concise means of communications in the business world.

We may also link our text messaging preparation tools with software you already use in your business. Contact our team of experts to evaluate the range of possibilities to create constant and professional contact in no time.