SMS Alerts

Many tools are available to quickly inform any determined group of contacts. SMS alerts may be planned ahead or can also be sent out quickly when an unexpected situation occurs.

Users may as well send a key-word SMS to receive an automated response. Your users therefore have an instant response to a question that is a concern for them.

With SMS alerts, your key contacts are informed, in real-time, of any situation, of their order, of your business hours, of the next delivery, the next meeting, in short, of any relevant information to conducting your business, as well as your clients’!

You will never see customer service in quite the same way when using our SMS tools. You only need a few key words, so why stay entangled in old communication methods? A SMS alert will address many irritating situations, will allow pertinent information to flow and will maximise your business processes, as well as your team’s agility.

Call us, we will accompany you in your tool choices and will present every possible option. You will see: being our partner is as simple and efficient as sending a text message.