Our mission is to always provide the best products and services

Folio Median was founded in February 2012. Ever since, the company has strived to always to provide the best products and services to meet the needs of its business customers

Our strong business relationships with several partners allow us to always offer the best solutions on the market.

Our approach is unique in the way we analyze customer needs. We always ensure we understand each step of the processes.

Folio Median Stéphane Daoust
President Stéphane Daoust

Telecommunications specialist (marketing via text and relational text channel, in particular). Stéphane worked as a regional manager at Bell for 12 years and then spent over 5 years at Bluetel Solution. He founded Folio Median in 2012 and operates as an official partner of Vudu.
Folio Median is your partner of choice.