Donations via text—Making a donation has never been so easy

Text messaging is the most effective way to solicit and collect spontaneous donations simply by texting a key word (text donation). The donation appears on the donor’s cell phone bill.


The donor is invited to text a keyword (SAPIN in the example opposite) to make a donation that will be automatically added to his cell phone bill.

The Mobile Giving Foundation Canada bills mobile providers, issues receipts to donors, and transfer donations directly to your organization.

Your organization will receive 100% of the donations made via text message each month.


Folio Media donations via text

Folio Median and its partner manage the development and coordination of all aspects of your wireless donation campaign.

  • We connect you with the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada.
  • We create text campaigns, select and set up keywords.
  • We create and coordinate wireless subscription lists (opt-in)
  • We coordinate and send text campaigns to wireless subscribers

Several services are available to facilitate donations and generate more revenue.

  • You can use as many key words as you like.
  • Choose up to 4 donation amounts: $5, $10, $20 or $25.
  • Add donate via text information to your website and Facebook page.
  • Convert spontaneous donors into monthly donors.



A few seconds after a donation is made, you can send a text to the donor and invite them to give monthly or join your mailing list.

Tax receipts:

Tax receipts are issued by the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada, on behalf of your organization, to all donors who wish to receive one. Once the transaction is complete, the receipt is sent to the donor by email.

Online platform:

Folio Median and its partner offer customers a web platform that displays campaign results and creates reports in real time.


The donor database is available at all times on the organization’s web platform.


The organization can choose one of five different abbreviated numbers used for wireless donations. These numbers are 20222, 30333, 41010, 45678 and 80100.


Donating has never been so easy. The donation amount is charged to the donor’s cell phone bill. The amount is then transferred in full by your cell phone operator to your organization.

Mobile Giving Foundation Canada has direct partnerships with operators. A « wireless donation channel » has been created, whereby donors can text a designated abbreviated number, a key word that corresponds to a specific not-for-profit organization (registered charity) or to a good cause. Once the key word has been sent, a donation of five or ten dollars is made and processed.

The wireless operators (Bell, Telus, Roger, Vidéotron) transmit the donation to the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada, which in turns transfers the full amount to the registered charity or the good cause. The donation amount appears on the consumer’s monthly invoice and tax receipts are available.

The process encourages consumers to donate to a range of causes by simplifying contributions, thanks to a familiar tool, their cell phone. The establishment of the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada is an important and innovative step that will allow charities to reach out to their benefactors and to consumers. Donors can then support causes via a secure channel. All they have to do is text the word TDHA (Fondation Panda) to 20222.