Folio Median is a company that specializes in business solutions and corporate marketing. They are a leader in innovative communication solutions in North America. Their platform allows companies to communicate with their customers via text. Folio Median owns the rights to send mass texts in partnership with Canadian mobile providers. The company provides clients with an online management tool that allows them to set up their own advertising campaigns, surveys, alerts, invitations and more. Folio Median ensures that your data is protected at all times and that it remains confidential. This is the only platform that gives you the option to activate text options using a business number. This allows customers to call or text the same business number.

Folio Median’s tools are the ultimate add-on to your “marketing mix.”
 Text messaging is now the most popular communication channel across all activity sectors. This communication channel has a 98% level of readership, compared to low levels of readership among traditional electronic communication channels.


  • Your text message recipients can read your texts quickly, due to the 160-character limit (a little longer than a tweet). Most people read a text message less than a minute after receiving it. This highly interactive system is especially useful when you request a simple response.

  • Text messaging in Canada and Québec is protected by anti-spam legislation. This ensures that smartphone users aren’t inundated with all kinds of messages. The recipient must sign up for alerts. Text messaging is governed by the same CRTC legislation that governs email marketing.
  • Canadians therefore have trust in text messaging and use it for personal messages. They primarily send text messages to their partner, children and friends. Businesses that take the lead with this technology will benefit from this personal relationship for some time if their messages remain relevant and they meet the expectations of the target audiences.
  • Text messaging is currently one of the most popular communication methods worldwide.
  • This communication method can have a 98% level of readership.
  • On average, a text inbox is checked 150 times a day and messages are generally read a few minutes after they are received.
  • Your messages can be read quickly (under 160 characters).